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A family leaving for vacation at their driveway
November 09, 2021

How To Remain Confident In Your Savannah Home Security While On Vacation

Planning a getaway is stressful enough with finding where to go, what to do, and when you can do it. You shouldn't have to worry if your home will be protected now that it’s vacant. 

But, if you use the correct technology, you won’t need to think about about your Savannah home security while on vacation. By using a smart home security system, you'll have the security to leave with confidence. That’s because your security systems give youfull control through a mobile app and a team of security professionals on your side.

The Right Security App Can Make It Look Like You Are Home

Picture that a visitor is approaching your Savannah home while you're a few states away, enjoying a pina colada at your coastside resort. A mobile text tells you to check out your doorbell camera video feed. It might be a postal worker, but to be safe, you thank him with the security app’s two-way talk feature. Then you remotely turn on the front porch smart bulbs and assign a relative a temporary smart lock PIN so they can place the package into the kitchen for you.

A complete home security system should come with a robust smartphone app that lets you manage almost all safety and smart home components. The app should let you:

  • Get phone texts when a component detects unusual activity
  • Arm and disarm your security system
  • Make lock PIN codes and see the status of your locks
  • View live feeds of your Savannah home security cameras
  • Make activation schedules for your alarms and cameras
  • Turn down and off your smart lights

Lean On 24/7 Monitoring When You Hit The Road

A smartphone app is a modern must for Savannah home security when you’re on vacation, but how are you going to take care of getting a hold of emergency help when you’re gone? If you have a 24/7 monitoring in your home security plan, you'll have knowledgeable experts at the wheel if something is wrong. If one of yourwindow or door sensors are tripped, the monitoring staff will call both the police and you about the possible intrusion. Then the team can be a contact between you and the authorities until you get back home.

Look To Secure24 Alarm Systems To Keep Your House Protected Even When You’re On Vacation

Don’t wonder about your Savannah home security while on vacation when you install a modern security system. We’ll help you get the right security package for your needs -- with the powerful ADT phone app and round-the-clock monitoring. Begin by contacting (912) 226-4483 or complete the form below.